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Here is a Free eBook that you can download. The Affiliate Masters Coarse eBook.

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Consumer Product Feedback
Have you ever looked for a simple easy way to send comments to a consumer product manufacturer? Or wanted to ask a question without having to send in a great deal of personal information?
Take a look here.


· Satellite TV
·Free Installation
·3 Months FREE
·4 Receivers
·Dish Network
· Burdigalian

MP3 Made Easy
Unlimited MP3 Downloads
Free Tech Support
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The Internet Marketing Center
Cory Rudl does over $6 million in online sales all from his one small office. He reveals all his unconventional tips, tricks, and techniques with examples so you can learn to make money on the Internet. He has had the best selling internet marketing course on-line for the last 3 years in a row. His free newsletter alone is worth taking a look at the site.
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If you're going to sell a product or service online, then in most cases you need to have a merchant account. Have you ever visited a web site where they don't accept credit cards? You know it's an amateur operation when they ask you to mail in a check or money order. Established in 1989, E-Commerce Exchange provides e-commerce to thousands of entrepreneurs. Whether you are starting your business from scratch, or already have an existing merchant account, E-Commerce Exchange offers a full range of products: bank-approved merchant accounts, secure server connectivity, real-time, online payment transactions, shopping carts and terminals & printers.
They have a Ground-Breaking 95% approval rate and FAST 7-10 day setup.
[(647) 706-2731]

There are alternatives to setting up a merchant account in order to accept payment online. One of those is Clickbank. This service works only with a product that can be downloaded or sent by email. If you are sending a "physical product", then you will need to use a conventional merchant account like E-Commerce Exchange, above. For a digital products however Clickbank just might be the way to go. They accept the credit card information online when your customer is ready to purchase. After the transaction is approved, the customer is directed to a web page of yours where they can obtain the digital product. Or you could email your product to them. Clickbank charges a fee per sale and there is a maximum product value of $50 to $250.
[(918) 548-3093]

MyEnliven - NitrO NEW
Here is a network marketing opportunity that you should at least take a quick look at. The product is based on two discoveries. [1] - The Noni plant which has been referred to as "Polynesian Medicine" due to its successful use by Polynesian healers, and [2] - The discovery in 1998 that Nitric Oxide "acts in many tissues to regulate a seemingly limitless range of functions in the body.” The resulting product is NitrO.
This product has allowed Enliven International to bring together over 5,600 independent sales representatives in their first 2 months. What's unique about this marketing program is this new system forces your upline to place the people they enroll in YOUR downline. There are people who have had hundreds of new members placed in their downlines automatically without having to do anything except sign up.

There's a great 5 minute recorded call that outlines the program: 972-480-5331
To look at the product and the business plan click  [805-218-0589]

Site Sell Products NEW
Ken Evoy MD is one of the premier internet marketers. His products have helped over 100,000 people build successful sites to sell and promote products and services on the web. The best thing to do is just spend a few minutes visiting his site and you'll see that what he offers can help you in your venture no matter what your product or service is.
Make Your Site Sell  "The definitive work on making ANY Web site SELL!"
Make Your Knowledge Sell  "Turn knowledge into revenue -- sell your brain on the Net."
Make Your Price Sell  "Price with complete confidence & double your Net profits."
Make Your Words Sell  "Want to sell MORE? Become an e-persuader."
2028052121  "An e-biz in every closet... Get into Auction Action!"

reprivilege NEW
This is Ken Evoy's flagship product. Site Build It! (SBI!) is the only all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing product. Many people can put together a web site but very few can assemble all the tools necessary to build, promote and maintain a professional looking web site. Just take the quick tour and look at how Site Build It stacks up against Yahoo, bCentral and Verisign. It's not just a site building tool, it's a complete system to put your business, product or service on the web.
[(917) 540-4985]

Gimme My Money NOW
Exactly how to create products fast, and roll them out successfully via simple two-page web sites. If you'd like to make more money on the Internet, then listen up. Marlon Sanders has created an entire system creating and rolling out products via simple two-page web sites. He has rolled out a number of products successfully in almost "cookie cutter" fashion. He has this thing down to a virtual science. He has cut out every single ounce of fat, tested it, perfected it.
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Cash Like Clockwork
Looking for a complete marketing education? Now, you can get 17 instructional courses, 5 audio and video seminars, a 156 page printed manual and many extra bonuses distributed to you on 11 CD's.
[(559) 589-5513]

The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy!
Discover The Amazing Formula that Sells Products Like Crazy! Your products sell like crazy or triple-your-money-back! This is the only product in its class (to my knowledge) with over 100 pages of real testimonials from real, live people who actually exist.
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Free Software Forever NEW
I recently received a package in the mail that offered me about 40 web sites for individual e-books. They wanted over $2900. Free Software Forever offers over 55 software programs and hundreds of e-books with lifetime updates for only $39. And that includes complete resale rights! This is not free-ware or share-ware but fully functional software. And as new programs are added, they will be sent to you free of charge. Just take a look here.
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James Martell's Affiliate Marketers Handbook 2002 NEW
This manual outlines the exact 8-steps you must take to build profitable websites as an affiliated publisher for major companies looking for avenues to increase their sales. Some very big and well known companies are offering affiliate programs. The beauty of affiliate programs is that once properly set up, they require very little upkeep and generate revenue automatically. More than a book; It's a complete training, -- a handbook -- designed especially for entry-level entrepeneurs worldwide who want to succeed in "affiliate marketing". And James will show you the exact steps he took in creating his very lucrative affiliate web sites.
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Secrets To Their Success
Activate your "Secrets To Their Success" $0 Membership and be immediately privy to "No BS" Examples of REAL PEOPLE making REAL MONEY with their Internet businesses and the exact step-by-step details of HOW THEY'RE EARNING $100,000 to $600,000+ per year! When you read these in-depth interviews, success stories and web site reviews, you'll meet the owners of highly successful sites and learn how you can IMMEDIATELY APPLY THEIR KNOWLEDGE to your personal online success!
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Mailloop 5.0    NEW
Increase your online sales and automate your office chores. Create and distribute personalized e-mails and newsletters. Automate delivery of downloadable products like software and eBooks. Automatically capture and store contact information from your web site visitors (i.e. names, e-mails, postal addresses, etc.) in Mailloop 5.0's custom database. Cory Rudl gets over 750 emails every day and this is the product he created and uses to keep from being buried in office chores. And he does over $5.2 MILLION a year out of his small (automated) office. Mailloop 5.0 has a powerfull scheduler, unlimited autoresponders, will sort and filter your e-mail addresses, automatically remove people that request it and much, much more.
[(519) 540-0917]

(267) 478-2022
Powerful Automated Autoresponders that Follow Up. Imagine a completely automated system that delivers instant information to your potential customers and then personalizes the follow up with them.

Nothing But Net
Nothing But Net shows step by step, in plain English, how Michael Campbell generated $750,000.00 in internet revenue, in less than a year, without paying for any conventional advertising of any kind.
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